Parillo: Ortiz has stayed relevant for 20 years

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                                Parillo: Ortiz has stayed relevant in MMA for 20 years

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Jonathan Shrager catches up with coach Jason Parillo to discuss his guidance of some of MMA's most vibrant personalities over the years, including Tito Ortiz, BJ Penn, Michael Bisping and Cris Cyborg. NB. This interview was filmed prior to UFC London 2016.?

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True statement

Come back to futa1

Depends on how you define relevant. He hasn't been a top 5 fighter since like 2007. Phone Post 3.0

Whether he's been relevant for 20 years or not, doesn't even matter though. The guy is a complete legend, love him or hate him. Phone Post 3.0

I always watch his fights. He was the first guy I really followed. Phone Post 3.0

It is Impossible for Tito to talk and not mention he's been fighting for twenty years Phone Post 3.0

SensoriaUtopia - I seen Jason Parillo for years, is he a striking coach or grappling coach, or more of a overall guy like Greg Jackson
I think he's more of a striking coach Phone Post 3.0

Initially I chuckled and thought "well he's been around for 20 years". But I guess by definition he actually has been relevant for 20 years.
Relevant: closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand. Phone Post 3.0