Paris Gland Slam Feb 11/12

Wathcing the semifinals today noticed the Japanese men are throwing sode with one hand grip to get by the grip fighting and more scoring chances.  Finals later today.

Japanese men dominate 60k, 66k and 73K.   Replays of Finals on Youtube. Their throwing skills are so far ahead of the competition.  And the new rules favor them with their attacking style.  Always going for the ippon.  And yes last years yuko is this year wazari.  I like the new rules.  

Yes they are not bad.

Besides the Japanese men, China's Cheng (90k) destroyed everyone.


Above FB page has many highlights from past weekend Paris Grand Slam including Cheng's matches. 


Article on new rules faving Japanese judoka.


That's interesting I could see how that would benefit them with their throwing skills.