Parker Porter vs. Chase Sherman

Up next… I got Sherman

Over under on who gasses first?

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The HW division is like WMMA but with one punch knockout power.


Essentially an embarrassing matchup.

Judges really on the Sherman bandwagon lol

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Id be down for Hardy vs the loser of this fight


I just commented that on reddit lol. The standards are very low

Sherman lost 10 years of his life

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Lol at Sherman. Looking at the clock with 4 minutes left.

It’s fucking awful. I turned the fight off after 3 minutes. I can’t sit through another sloppy slugfest

You could take anyone from the HW division in the early 2000’s and drop them in the ring today and they’d still be title contenders. Cabbage would KO both these guys.


Did DC just call him parker like 10 times in a row?

Somewhere, Timmy weeps.

This fight makes you appreciate how good gane is

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Porter looked good IMO, but im a sucker for a big meaty thighs…


That Sherman guy is not UFC material. How does he even train gassing out like that bad?

Haha I noticed that too, but I think that’s his first name?

In other words it’s fucking amazing.

It also ain’t nothing to fuck with, these men (heavyweights in general not these two in particular) would beat anybody on the planet in a fight.

End up like Gus coming up to fuck around and find out and get tapped in the 1st by a washed 40 year old Werdum.

Good win for Porter, but neither have much athletic ability.