Parkour - thoughts?


^ Racist because you put the wrong vid up and its disallowed in Canada..

Losers who can't skate. Phone Post 3.0

Graduate1 - Unreal..
That was wild. My nuts were trying to crawl inside watching that Phone Post 3.0

I wanna see one of these guys run from some cops in a downtown area Phone Post 3.0

It's cool to be all ninja but I wouldn't want to do it I would def hurt a knee or do a silly looking fall that people edit into "fail gifs" and I don't need that. Phone Post 3.0

Parkour is like being a magician. There are a few people who are amazing and worth watching, then there are a whole lot of awkward nerds asking you to watch them do something at the park.

Also, odd choice of music for that video. Gay dude's version of "Scrubs"?

Parkour is where all the rollerbladers went. Phone Post 3.0

It's like racing. I only watch to see a crash. Phone Post 3.0

Looks cool when you see experts doing it, looks douchie as fuck when it's some stupid kids doing it in public trying to show off. Phone Post 3.0

Hawaii Five-0 had a huge parkour chase scene in their season opener.