Parlay advice Ufc 192

Hey guys parlay for 192 :- Bader by decision, Woodley by decision and Gus by decision, paying $108 . Could happen right? Phone Post 3.0

I have a parlay on gus and Bader, as well as there being a finish in the girl fights. The girl finishes parlay odds were like +750 or something, and I definitely think it's possible between rose and Pena. Phone Post 3.0

I think Pena stops Eye. Good chance. Phone Post 3.0

Not happening bro... Phone Post 3.0

That's crazy. If Woolley wins it AINT GONNA BE BY GOING THE DISTANCE!
It's early KO or TW is getting taken to school by a better, more well rounded mixed martial artist. The KO could def happen. But he is NOT winning a decision. Phone Post 3.0

i just bet on who wins. i've given up trying to add in how for the parlay. i just parlay a bunch of wins.

By decision might not work on all those fights. Just go for the win Phone Post 3.0