Parlay of the day

Oregon -2
Kansas -3

$20 to win $640.92 plus the $20 back

Orioles and mets start right now

Only concern is the Orioles cause gallardo has been raked already but they have all the heavy hitters in the line up compared to the Red Sox Phone Post 3.0

Narly what you think of the bball picks? You were on point last time Phone Post 3.0

never bet spring training Phone Post 3.0

I think you just wasted $20 Phone Post 3.0

TInkerbellBeefcake - You're betting on spring training games?

That's beautiful
Lol ya I have like $500 in there so I didn't mind $20 on -135 Phone Post 3.0

Good luck, let us know how it works out

Mets up 2-1
Orioles losing 6-5 Phone Post 3.0

Mets tied 3-3

Orioles won 16-8

Mets were down going into the 9th so I'm happy they pushed at least lol but now

$20 to win $340.52 plus $20 back

4 to go! Phone Post 3.0

Welp fkin Oregon Phone Post 3.0