Parlour must suck....

Because all I ever see are twitter links 

I was hoping that we’d see more parlour links being used here given the fact we all seem to understand that twitter sucks and is actively trying to silence anyone not towing the far left line.  But I have yet to see a single link from that platform.

how can it become a viable alternative if no one is using it?

It’s so insignificant that big tech hasn’t even bothered to do their usual hate speech smear campaign.

Twitter is already established with all the influencers, celebs, news outlets politicans and public service orgs using it. Twitter is a cesspool but it's hard (not impossible myspace) to get people to switch platforms.  

It does.

I hate it, they need to change the design 

It will end up being the new hangout place for the QAnon and conspiracy crew.

The fact you have to be logged in to view parler posts is a dealbreaker.

Hard to believe a conservatard hangout wouldn't have anyone smart enough to make it work right.


Almost like building a Twitter architecture to function on a level where it can adequately serve the entire fucking world, & convince millions of people to use it daily as a legitimate platform is fairly difficult

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