Parr KO's Bang!!!

Awesome news!!! K1 title here he comes!!

- Juggs

edited due to sp?

Brilliant work. Well done JWP!!

I could be wrong Zviggy....just saw the pics and thought KO.....I'm gonna go KO myself for being stupid. :)

- Juggs

According to the K1 site it was a decision:


Juggs don't forget the "spoiler" protocol, some people are a bit sensitive re: Tito & Chuck thread.

I offered him LIMA once, he wasn't overly happy :)


Juggs i think you are right Parr did KO him.


Thanks for the update Zviggy


Does this mean that Parr is up for the title and a big paycheck?? And is he up against Zambidis?


Can anyone get the fight?

JWP v Zambidis would be a cracker.

It is good for Jordan Tai to go the distance, i think he is only about 21. So he has a huge future ahead of him in Kickboxing.

IMO Parr should have got the win, but I like Iron Mike. Hope they have a rematch.

True. JWP has already beaten Zambidis but was robbed. Solak said that he would give Parr a rematch but this never happened. Hopefully now Parr will get to beat Zambidis in Japan and get the decision or even Knockout that he deserves.