Parrot Heads?

Any Parrot Heads here? 

Im watching the doc Parrot Heads on Netflix. I thought they'd be hateable, but they are not. 

The music is atrocious, but they seem like nice people. 

Must be LOTS of swinging, right?


MooseKnuckleMasher -

Usually it's a bunch of middle high class older folks and middle aged people that like to party for charity. They love Jimmy buffet music also known as Trop-Rock. I've been playing in that scene since 2001. I play for guys like Kelly McGuire and Donny Brewer. In fact this coming weekend, I'm gon' be getting Paid good money to play for a big Parrot Head festival in Alabama called "The Stars Fell on Alabama".

There's not always much visual appeal, but they're a fun group and party hard. 

That's really cool. Congrats. 

This doc REALLY is making me want to be in New Orleans yet again. 

How many swinger parties have you been invited to? Are you propositioned often?