Parrumpinha vs. Pulver results ???

Have Parrumpinha and Jens gone yet? Who won?

It's almost 9pm, they had to have gone by now

ttt for Jens to win...


Not yet, still waiting for Jeff Monson, Wade Rome, & Parrumpa to compete. Should be shortly.

I will post when I have the results.

american top team: and about the other fights? I mean, the under 175 division?

awesome, thanks

TTT for ATT...Good luck to Jeff, Wade, and Parrhumpinha

Damn I have to go to work, ttt for in the morning.

Good luck Parrumpinha!!

ttt for results from Chicago!

Pulver won on points


that's awesome!

HELL YEAH!!!!!! Way to go Jens!!

Can we get a play by play of the pulver win?

wow!! good job jens.

Yes it is true. 5-4 was score.

damn... nice work jens

Jens rules the BJJ world. Nobody question the MFS grappling standard.

Awesome! Way to go Jens.