Parrying the push kick (?)

Having discovered emule as an alternative to Kazaa, I searched and downloaded an instructional video that shows the guy parrying the push kick on the same side of the body. For example, your opponent pushes left and you parry it with the right hand outside...I was specifically taught NOT to do this, as it actually can bring your opponent closer and he still has a strong base to land, say a big cross.

I was taught to parry with left, inside out and actually collapse the stance to return a cut kick to the backs of the legs, etc.

Anyone have insights as to whether or not the first technique I described is right or not?


You can go either way, the norm is to go outside therefore being able to strike the back of the legs or body without being hit back. Going inside is more dangerous as you are more open to a strike. There should be no such thing as never.

You were taught correctly imo.

Situational Ethics....

It all depends on what you're trying to do

You should parry those? Ohhhh....

I like to teach an inside out scoop. If your opponent throws a left push kick you drop your right hand down to scoop the kick inside out and turn your opponents back to you. This will allow you to attack their back, back of legs, back of head, etc.

Also I have debated whether or not it is correct to scoop the left kick with the left hand inside out. Some say this gives momentum to your opponent adding to their rear (right) kick, but Jongsonan said, "no way" so I tell people to avoid confusion as to which hand is appropriate just use the lead hand at all times.

whatever you do, DON'T parry it with your knee, I tried that earlier today in MT class and the other guy's foot slipped into my groin area.