Parting Shot/Dummy Spit/Whatever?

Hey G sorry to hear all your news.

I'm not going to say you should do this or you should do that because to be honest I would have snaped ages ago.

I know you said your not coming back here but just incase you do, you know my thoughts about you and I just wanted to say hope you get peace in whatever you decide to do.


Scott Keating


Hey G, I'm sorry to hear all the bad luck you've been having and to be honest I'm speechless after reading your email.

I still hope everything will be cool with you and that we can catch up some time in the future.
Thanks for everything you've done for me and especially for helping me get started in the fight game.
Don't forget I'm in brisbane now so I hope you will stay in touch.

Don't give up!

Your friend

Gerald ,

sent you an email, hopefully you will see it

Cheers Aaron

Think certain people need to have a hard look at themselves and how a guy like this who has put so much into the sport can be treated this way!

wow - it doesn't get much heavier than that

Although you probably won't check these responses.. I'd just like to say that it was pleasure meeting and training with you. Regardless of what happens with MMA related stuff, you're class act and a GENUINE nice person. Something that is extremely rare.

Keep your chin up mate,


Sent you an email mate. All the best from Integrated Martial Arts.

Getting sick of not being able to see posts on this forum!!!

Damn that is some shit. Good luck with whatever you do Gerald.

This is all bad for the sport. The nicest guy in MMA has just been run out of town. Very sad.

Hi Gerald,

I was sitting up here in the Philippines and thought I would catch
up with what is happening in Australia.
I was shocked to read your thread, I can not guess if Adam put in
any malice into that technique but the result speaks for itself.

In the gym here I have the photo of you trying to back choke me
with you on my back while I am standing up.

You have always been one of the good guys from the Melbourne
Branch of Machado and I sincerly wish you well.

It would be a loss to the sport and this forum, you have added
some intelligence to the topics.

Good luck with the injury, give yourself some time to think it thru

All the best
Stephen Kamphuis

ttt for future ref.

Really sad stuff, like a lot of people I would consider both Adam and gerald to be people I would call friends. There will be many people here far closer to either/both than I am.

Through my dealings I have found both men to be very good people. Very sad to see Geralds BJJ/JBW relationship end on a sad note.

Hopefully one day this will be water under the bridge. I personally wish Gerald as best of a recovery as possible and a safe and happy future wherever that may be. Likewise, Adam, I wish the best and hope this matter can be positively resolved between the 2 friends/former friends.


I hope you read this post and wish you well.

It's saddening to hear you in such a angry tone, even though I have only met you once and I am in no way a "close mate". However, through your emails I do know that we share several common interests and your personality comes across in your emails and posts on the net.

Mate my advice is to enjoy your anonymity!
Go back to your first love like we discussed previously, weights.

As for the compensation you are after good luck, but as you found out last time court proceedings are often more trouble than they are worth even though you were wronged.
I can only imagine what you have gone through and can understand your anger, but like I said enjoy your new found anonymity, and try to find some peace of mind. As peace of mind is essential for happiness, which I hope you find.
And I'd try Indian Clubs for your shoulders, light 5 lbs clubs made of wood. They are great for shoulder rehab.

I don't know if you will receive the email I sent or read this post, but if you do and you want to respond please do. If not good luck with your life.

Brad Morris


There is not much left to ay that has not already. You have been
through so much in the last two years and have been as always a

Unfortunately, honour, loyalty and respect are often just given lip
service in the martial arts, lot of people talk the talk, but few walk the
walk when it matters. Its one thing to stick to your principles when
things are going your way, it's another to uphold them when all is
crumbling around you. That's what I like about the Yamato Demashi of
Enson, Live like a man, die like a man, be a man.

To me you have always acted above and beyond what is expected, even
in the hardest of situations. It is sad that you do not get the same back
from others.

Good luck with whatever you may choose to do in life, I know despite
what you say you will strive to achieve in whatever you do.

All the best.


So sadening to hear this mate. Everytime I experience some kind of life's nasty events, I always look on my wall of photos in my study and look to the people that have inspired me. A photo of us and some of the guys from JBW Geelong at the 2003 Vic titles and another of you walking Mat T into the ring at Spartan 8 always picks my attitude up off the floor and puts a fire under my arse. Nothing will ever change that for me dude. My wife also thinks that you would be the perfect catch for any woman. I did promise her once before that I would ask you if you would like to meet her sister so.......

Enjoy the future G hope to see you again some time.

Angelo, Kelly + little one on its way