Parting Shot/Dummy Spit/Whatever?

Dear Gerald,
As a long time reader of this forum, although interesting, i have found many so-called 'serious' issues being addressed not worthy of response as they are merely ego or politically driven, which as a dedidicated and competitave bjj'er, I choose to stay out of. Until now!
Having never met you personally, I have seen you ref and compete in various competitions in which you have acted in the ut-most professional manner, humble in victory and un-selfish in defeat! I am a Pdb student(St Kilda), and while I admit plenty has been said over the years between clubs, mate, I have only ever heard good words about you, which, coming from my team mates and instructor says alot about you as a person.
As for Adam, I wouldn't want this on my conscience.
All said and done, Gerald, mate, time heals everything, for every bad person involved in bjj there's ten good people, like yourself that inspire others to be the best they can. Chin up mate, from what i've read it sounds like you've got alot of people looking out for you, don't forget that.

Holy Shit Gerald.
Have only had the pleasure of Chatting with you twice in the past,And may i say it was a pleasure.
Am truely sorry to read about what happened to you.
I was having lunch with my coach Wil Cunningham today,
And out of the blue he said,I hope Gerald is ok.
He told me that your shoulder was injured and that you would not be returning to Bjj or the fight sceen because of it.
Hope things pan out for you Gerald,My coach has always spoken very highly of you.
So from all of us at the ROOTS camp,Keep your chin up mate.

Hey Gerald.

It's been a long time mate. Sorry to hear about all of your misfortune as of late. I'm not a fan of litigation but I'll keep my thoughts on that matter to myself in this case. I hope if I ever run into you on the street you don't look the other way or I'll be forced to detain you for an obligitory drink at the pub.

You've decided to walk, so walk away with your head held high and remember all the good people you've met on your journey.

-Ryan "Fuckin Ryan" Harvey

Gerald has finalised realised that I am the Nicest Guy in MMA/BJJ and has decided to step aside...


That must be it Elvis rolls eyes

When you think about it it is kinda the ultimate spit of dummy, posting and deleting your posts.

I have no idea what has happened here and feel sorry that a such a fun guy has walked. Please come back :)

Damn! So you're sayiong his shoulder no longer works. First his ear and now this.

Why is not posting?

Geralds one of the good guys.

Just a guess, but if Gerald is going ahead with legal action then he has probably erased the posts himself.

Breaking my promise and posting again. I deleted the thread post's because I sounded like a whining bitch. Some time to think about it hasn't changed my opinion but would prefer I had kept it to myself...

"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian." - Dennis Wholey

Your secret is safe with us Gerald. :)

Good to see you back on here and hope to see a few more posts now and then.

Take care.

Can't keep a good man down hey G!

Gotta like a man who quotes JC...

Tim ; )