hi. i had recently deposited 50 dollars. i was winning and went up to 102 but then started losing everything again. and now i am thinking about depositing another 50. can someone please tell me a fix way to play so i win money no matter what. well i kinda play super super tight. i almost never bluff. i first was winning alot in the sng 6 dollar buy in tournaments but then started losing every single one. and then i started playing .25/50 and did well in begining and then started losing again. lastly i played 25 NL and well that didnt go so well. i am not really a bad player.. or maybe i am. but i sure dont want to lose my next deposit. i am not a rich guy lol. so any tips ? where do u guys make the most and safest money in. WHO HERE can seriously teach me. anyone who plays in partypoker and has AIM please let me know your aim name. we can talk and hopefully i can get some advice(The winners please). adios.

Sounds like you got lucky in the begining and unlucky towards the end.

Some people like the low variance in SnG's, some people like the big payoffs othe Multitable tournaments and others like the Limit and NL Ring games where they can wait for monster hands.

Find a game that works best for you and improve on it. You can learn a lot here:

Good luck, part of learning poker is losing money and learning from those mistakes. Almost everyone loses at first, so you are not alone.