Party Sub is badass!

“No way! Too many women!”


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That’s actually way cooler than what I was expecting when I clicked on this thread.

What I was expecting


That thing is bad ass.

Anyone else thinking of what a bachelor party in international waters could be like? Hookers and blow underneath the sea could almost be a Disney song.

Crabs and lobster

Does it have a room for sexy time?

This is something I’ve been seeing a lot of over the last few years, an artist’s rendition of something that would be cool if it was built.

And I was going to vote it up!
Those things have been making training possible when everyone is sick of pizza for decades.

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Yes , it’s the Starfish room .

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I’d rent it just to do this.

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I’d love to have a party on that and have to kick someone out

if you are not partying in one of these, you ain’t a true G

An Akula class?

a bit of trivia there. The most common usage of an Akula in terms of Russian subs is their famous attack sub, the Project 971 Shchuka-B. Its NATO designation is Akula (or shark in Russian). But the Russians actually named their large ballistic missile submarine, NATO designation Typhoon (the one pictured above) Akula.

I wasn’t in the NATO navy.