Just finished working out, i.e. 75 pick-up uchikomi with my big ass thowing dummy, five sets of heavy curls with 65 pound dumb-bells, squats with the dummy on my shoulders and two sets of sit-ups on the slant board.

Just jumped out of the shower and into a sweat suit and am about to pop in the world judo championships into the DVD that Sothy so gratiously sent me a couple of months ago. On the end table next to be rests a Johnny Black on the rocks and a bottle of Heineken Dark. I have a ton of potent snacks in the frig just waiting on my consumption.

I am going to spent the night with my little seven year old girl,Brooke, and my ball and chain, Jill.


I'm going to a party then coming back to the crib to work my ne-waza on my ball and chain..

See ya sunday droog!!

Live and Die for MFC.

headed over the a quiet evening with some of the fellas. anything to avoid a DUI and the policia tonight.

happy new year everybody!


O.k. have fun Q & Josh! I always stay home on amateur night.

LOL! While my daughter was in her room watching Full House my wife came down and put the DEEEEETROIT MAUL on me! Its only seven bells, holy shit!

My head is already spinning!

Happy New year gents!

Have fun fellas! Go get em Brad.

Lol. Believe it or not I have lots of buds that are bjj/gjj fellas. I don't classify em like that.

Pardon the whining, but my wife is on call at the hospital all night. I'm celebrating with a bottle of Jameson's and a couple of beers.

It's snowing like hell here, so she will probably be dealing with frozen drunks pulled out of wrecks all night.

Happy New Year, guys!

Ben R.

Happy new year to all!

I was sick as a dog, but still got a chance to duck out and play some fucking drinking-dice game... Luckily I wasn't 3 man or town drunk.