Passing Spider Guard on youtube?

 I had such good luck getting some youtube stuff on leg locks that I thought I'd ask about spider guard as well.

Anyone have some links to executing as well as passing spider guard?

Thanks in advance!

Just put your foot near their balls and extend, you will be out of spider guard and free to choose whatever pass you want.

I never look at it like specific passes for DLR, Spider, etc...I like to work on breaking grips and getting to my 'go to' passing position... If you prefer the leg drag for example; find ways to get that position from the specific open guards and work your bread and butter... Phone Post

Check out Martin Aedma's original 'guard passes from hell' video. Also, I think Rafa Mendes shows a leg drag pass vs spider guard at the very end of the recent interview he did with budovideos. I think the show is called 'this week in bjj'.

Sorry for not posting links, but these should be easy enough to find on YouTube. Phone Post