Passing The De La Riva Guard Made Easy


In this video I show a technical and easy way to clear the De la Riva hook when your opponent is cupping your ankle.  This can be an absolute nightmare against someone who is good in Open Guard.


There are a number of great ways to deal with this hook and in this video I show my favorite.  It starts off the same way as the Kick and Go pass.  There is nothing more important than a stable base and good posture.  This will set up all of the things that you want to do.


Once you have stabilized your base it's time to clear that cupping hand.  You do this by turning the knee to the inside and doing a simple wrestler shot.  It should be a quick movement that doesnt leave you exposed for very long.


After clearing the leg make sure you continue into whatever pass you prefer.  In this video I couple it with the Kick and Go pass but it can be used to set up any number of passes.  Just make sure you dont let your opponent regrip on your ankle!

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Nice! I was shown this as more of a "windshield wiper" after putting your knee on the ground, but I think your "wrestling shot" variation is smoother and more powerful, will try this. Phone Post

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What about if they use the back of their hand, which is mostly what Im coming across. Phone Post

I really like the looks of this technique. Thanks for posting!

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

very nice.Got any specific preferences on how you like to control the other leg to make it easier to step over?

mrgoodarmbar - very nice.Got any specific preferences on how you like to control the other leg to make it easier to step over?

honestly I really like the Kick and Go pass but if I clear the De La Riva hook because they like to grab with the hand I'm usually hesitant to bring my feet back close to the hip.  I'll either do that Step Through pass that I listed earlier or try to bull fighter pass. 

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I love your videos and I feel the same about your stuff as I do about Jason Scully's. I think you are doing great things for the community and you always teach quality. Thanks, I have used several of your techniques in class and they are always bang on the money.


Awesome, will be trying this tmrw in class. Thanks :)

thank you for sharing!

Nice. I'll try this out

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solid pass - I will try this next class

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