Passing the guard book for no-gi?

I'm thinking about buying the book "Passing the Guard" by Ed Beneville and Tim Cartmell, but is it applicable to no-gi? Anyone?

If 90% of of the techniques in the book will have you grabbing the collar and the belt, I'm not sure I want the book.

I'm also thinking of getting Royler Gracie's new Submission Grappling book. I heard it's good...

Maybe those 2 books make for a good combination.

Royler's book is good. It has a very good commentary on what it takes to train and become good at BJJ/Grappling at the beginning. The techniques are good and explained as well as a book will allow.

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I think Passing the Guard is the best BJJ book I've ever seen.


I'm not sure what % is applicable for no-gi guard passing. Although I'm sure you could adapt things and change the handles, it just seems like no-gi guard passing is a different animal and should have it's own separate book.

I haven't seen Royler's new book yet, but I've heard good things...


Both books make for a great comvbination. Get them !

They're very gi dependant passes in that book. Very good for gi but I would buy something else for no-gi.

"something else for no-gi". Like what? Can you recommend a book or a video for no-gi guard passing?

Chris Brennan has a no-gi guard passing series. It is awesome. Go to or Island video's website.

Jonpall, Sorry I was looking for a no gi passing video for a while but most of them are Vale Tudo.


Royler's book is outstanding. He covers everything from takedowns, to guard passing, sweeps, submissions, etc

Machado's new book is great as well. It has a very large section on no-gi work. Most of the Gi stuff he shows would work without the gi.

As far as guard passing videos. The absolute two best I've seen are Chris Brennan's and Mario Sperry's Secret of Submission Wrestling Guard Passing tape.


Maybe Kukuk's BJJ A-Z tape has no-gi good guard passes?

Royler's book is very good and Mark Hatmakers books also have some good no-gi guard passes. There is a book by Steven Iverson called "Submission Fighting Techniques" which doesn't show many guard passes but shows some subs from in the guard. Not a bad addition. Hope this helps.




Watch Nova Uniao guys.