"Passing the Guard" book/ good?

This book looks cool but I wondered if any of you had checked it out for yourselves and had an opinion.

If you're looking for shear quantity of guard passing options, the book can't be beat. Also covers how to counter some core submissions from the guard. One of the better books out there, and one of the few focused on specific topics.

VERY good book. In fact it may be the best BJJ book on the market. As far as "normal" books go (ie: not including "Fighter's Notebook") it has the most content.

Clear well done photos (color), good amount of text covering the details of the move. Also, the moves are broken down making it fairly easy to learn from. The book is also well organized and transitioned.

I had problems with passing, this book helped reenforce what was learned in class and showed some other methods I had not learned. The book isn't perfect as no book showing a dynamic sport like BJJ can ever be, but it does the best it can. I would suggest buying it...

Its so good I really hope their next book comes out very soon.

Thanks, that's the kind of feedback I was looking for.



It is the best BJJ book I have seen.

Ditto on Andrew Yao's comment.

Very good book.

I have it one sale for the holidays for only $26 on my website: http://jenbjj.com/Merchandise/PTG.html

A must have in any serious grappler's library.

There's a review of it on WhiteBelt.org

Great book !

Yep great book!

I think that this the best book on a specific topic, and one of the best books on grappling that I own. I have an extensive library of current and out of print martial arts books, and if I could only take 3 of them to a desert dojo this would definately be one of them.