Passive Jay's Fart Curtains

So we all know poor PJ suffers from gut rotting IBS AND that his wife makes him sleep in another room because his dirty farts keep her awake at night.

This is a crazy situation already but there is a twist.

Jay and his wife are too lazy to accompany their tiny pets out into the yard when they need to occasionally use the toilet in the middle of the night ( like some white trash).

So they installed a dog door so they wouldn’t be disturbed.

Problem was tho, that the dogs sleep with PJs wife and she needed the door shut as a vapor barrier for PJs disgusting sleep farts.

As a white trash team they came up with a solution.

I present to the new OG…

Passive Jay’s Fart Curtains.

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Why do you have pictures of the inside of his house?

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we need ti get some pj face swap on this bro from hello ladies