Past Diva Tori (Not WIlson)to play Sister Abagail

Not Torrie Wilson.  Remember this Tori? 

Try these too:
Reason that I didn't put "spoiler" in the title is that I made the whole thing up.  There is no truth to it.
Follow the buzzards.

Whenver I think of that Tori, I think of her ATTROCIOUS Wrestlemania outfit.


She was hot as fuck in a nasty girl kind of way back when. I wonder how she has held up.

I think she's married the Charlie haas. Phone Post 3.0

You're thinking of Jackie Gayda, who also fits into that "hot blonde with kind of a weird face" category. Phone Post 3.0

She's way hotter than Gayda. Phone Post 3.0

ArtMinaj - She's way hotter than Gayda. Phone Post 3.0
Agree, but she still has a bit of weirdface. Phone Post 3.0

Gayda had a really nice ass.