Past Fighters you'd Like to See?


Any fighters you guys would like to see, who still might have the capabilities to really make things interesting in some of the organizations like Pride,
UFC, K-1 etc?

Some I think i'd enjoy seeing against the right opponents would be:

Maurice Smith: Think he would do well against some of the LHW and maybe even the HW's. Preferably i'd think he'd do well more in a mma type of fight.

Mikey Burnett: East Side Assasin, always was very entertaining to watch at his weight class. He'd make some interesting match ups with the new guys on the block.

Frank Shamrock: He's always making fights entertaining and pushing the action. Biggest question is what weight would he fight at, Middle weight, welter weight, LHW, HW?

Bob Cook: He didn't have many fights but man he has some skills. Lot of heart and determination as well.

I know their are lots of others but I must be tired, will add some more when they come to me. How about you guys?


Milo of Croton, Theogenes. I'd also like to see how great fighters of the not so distant past would've done if cross-trained - Ed Lewis, Jack Johnson, etc.

As far as mma goes, I wonder how good Yuki Nakai could've been if he had been privy to the level of cross-training available to today.

ive wondered how Todd Hayes would of done.

IGOR ZINOVIEV. Possibly the first complete fighter.

Burnett aswell.

lol at Hercules and He-Man.

There is only one: Rickson Gracie.

Easily Frank Shamrock. Other than guys like Mo Smith and Rickson who are well into their fourties, Frank is still at a perfect fighting age. Why he is wasting his best years is beyond me. I guess he must be making a fortune elsewhere...


Adolf Ritler.

ive wondered how Todd Hayes would of done

Is that the Thaiboxer from "CHOKE", the Rickson documentary?  If so, he would have gotten beat down repeatedly.  At least that is my impression from him in "CHOKE". 

It's really not about him either but his coach Appollo. All they did the whole movie was talk tough but make excuses and whine about gloves, rules, etc.  Then when it came time to know Todd would fight Rickson, he worried about his shoulder.  It was evident that Todd would have fought any other fighter, but he was afraid of Rickson.  Yet with that, Appollo still was arrogant and annoying.

Todd had talent but Appollo brought him down with his arrogance.    

Marco Ruas & Frank Shamrock

Kevin Jackson


Some good names being mention. Igor, Kevin Jackson, Ruas etc. Kevin Jackson made me think of Kenny Monday or at least I believe that was his name.


mark shultz