Past NAGA results

Does anyone know if there is a website with archives of NAGA, New York Grappling Challenge, and Grappler's Quest results prior to 2003. I know that this site has some of 2002 and 2003 but none prior. Also, neither official sites go that far back. On the there are some but not many. Thanks in advanced.

thanks man, I was looking for results on my two friends, Krishna Mirjah (from Matt Serra's) and Damien McKree (Sp?) (from Relson Gracie's), and thats why I was looking for old results. They roll with me form time to time on campus. Thank you for your time, Kneeblock.

I am Alan, a student at Stony Book University. I attempted to start a Vale Tudo cross-training club on campus and failed. Krishna is busy so he couldn't commit to the club, and so are Damien, whose graduating and Phil Lai, whose a busy freshman.