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i hope im misremembering , but there was an OGer with the SN something like “illini” from illionois

i remember his wife or GF passing away, but for some reason I think I remember another OGers mentioning “illini” passing
hope im wrong

but yeah, guys i havent seen in a while…hope they are OK

jack carter



A.C. Slaters Mullet

Theoretically @ManOfThePeepHole


Lol I’ll address the Jinx ain’t funny in a separate thread.

RIP Adam from Conn

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MOTPH posted a little over a year ago, so maybe not as dead as we thought.

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I carry his water in his stead. Then from his baby mamas, I get head.

Don’t get my hope up dude.

Would you sink the pink of this s… Always some fucking awesome title
Would love to see one of those threads just pop up.

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That poor soul struggled hard to get his life together.

[quote=“Ruprecht, post:64, topic:3682035, full:true”]
Here’s a partial list from the Kaneman thread.

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