Pat Barry vs....

Lavar Johnson!

I think it would be great. Pat just fought a week ago. It's very possible., what you guys think????? Phone Post

 sure let's do it


If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much - I like it.... Either that or one of these guys against Big Foot Silva

That sounds great also.! Phone Post

Let's not forget Johnson's losses to Shawn Jordan and Del Rosario. He is a powerful striker who can bring some entertainment value, and that's about it. Barry fight sounds good, Bigfoot, not so much. Phone Post

That's the first match-up I thought of after watching the Beltran KO.

This fight would be fireworks, can't imagine either fighter even dreaming of going for a takedown.


I've been wanting to see the Barry vs hunt match up but after tonight this seems more interesting.

Yes it would be a great stand up war. I just love that the strikeforce hw's are now in the UFC. It's like Christmas.!! Phone Post

The winner of Kongo/Hunt. Phone Post