Pat Riley back in LA.. ??

So what if Phil the thrill decides to take a year off to become a lumberjack in montana, it seems that would leave the Lakers without a zenmaster. So say Dr. Buss gives ole Riles a call about comin back to coach the Lakers... How sweet would that be? Riles is a pimp

What do you guys think?

(I heard Riley's name come up a couple weeks ago about this, I believe it was on PTI, it got my hamster wheel turnin)

The ideal situation would be for Riles to come in with Michael Cooper as his assistant. Coach for a couple years, hand the reins over to Cooper (a defensive-minded coach that will show intensity on both ends; possibly returning to Showtime ball), then move up into part-ownership of the Lakers. The problem with that is Riles already has part-ownership of the Heat and more say-so in personnel decisions than he'd ever have with LA.

I'd be happy with Coop outright also. If he can coach, win with and handle the egos of a bunch of divas he shouldn't have difficulty with Shaq and Kobe. Payton (if he stayed another year) would certainly welcome him. I'm thinking Byron Scott will ultimately get the job however. I have mixed feelings about him. I'd prefer Jerry Sloan or Chuck Daly, but each cannot be pryed away from Utah and retirement, respectively.

If Pat Riley will coach, then cool. I think Byron Scott would be great too though. I thought he got shafted in New Jersey.

Medicine, excellent info!! I didn't realize that Riles was that involved with Miami outside of coaching. I would just love to see him back again in LA, what he did in the 80's for the Lakers was just plain sick. Coop was a big part of Riley's success as well, with all the history he has in los angeles, it's a win win situation.

I'm a little sketchy about Byron as well. He definitely got hosed in Jersey but i'm just not sure that head coach is what he's cut out for. On the other hand he is still new to coaching and it's hard to say where he'll be in ten years.

Great point about Daly and Sloan as well. It would be really interesting to see the Lakers play under such different styles. Looking at their inconsistencies over the last 5 years or so (even winning 3 in a row) I still don't think that they have peaked yet. Injuries aside, they just have so many peaks and valleys over a season, it's crazy. How often do you see the Lakers down by 10 points going into the 3rd quarter? Too damn many! Granted they come back to win the majority, but they shouldn't be that far back in the first place.

Back to coaching, I think Sloan would be an awesome addition. His intensity is second to none and I've always thought that was a flaw of Phil.

Do the coaches salary count towards the teams cap? I'd never thought about it until right now lol

Coaches salaries do not count against the cap.

Byron took the Nets to two Finals, something their current squad will not do. And I'll also note that Jason Kidd, Jefferson, and Martin have a little clique up there that is not conducive to team chemistry and coach-player relationships. Jason Kidd has proven over the years that he is indeed a coach-killer. That being said I was not impressed with Scott's performance in both Finals. He waited until he was down 0-2 to double Shaq and in the following year refused to play Mutombo until Game 4. Never mind Dikembe was their ONLY hope of containing the Spurs frontcourt onslaught (Kenyon is a Finals choker). Phil is stubborn to a fault as well, but he at least has 9 rings. Scott shows too much stubborness and is too set in his ways for such a young inexperienced coach. I'd really be sold on Scott if he still had Eddie Jordan as an assistant, but as things are my feelings are mixed.

I have always like Riley, but if this happends it makes Pat look like a major copout. Drop a team that you cannot coach after a 0-7 start, then go a Hall-of-Fame team. Pathetic.

Riley has a good thing going in Miami...Why would he want the Laker job after the team is dismantled.