Pat Smith (vs. Oleg T.) 4/11/08

Pat Smith the UFC fighter from the pre-Zuffa days is fighting Oleg Taktarov (also from the early UFC's) in Yama Pit Fighting on April 11th in New Jersey at the Trump Taj Mahal. This is one of two Super Fights that night.

We have some sponsorship opportunities with Pat for anyone who is interested. The show will be televised on Pay-Per-View.

Please call me or write me.

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a few questions; is the PPV guaranteed and inked yet?

How many fans does this hold?

what will he DO for his sponsor? Wear the clothes to the ring? rep it on the mic? Wear it all weekend? Put it on his website? Give us the value of what he'll deliver.

wear it on the walk-in, during the fight, after the fight and and say it. you decide.

if by work it, you mean rock a little ass cleavage in TheAdonis's yaggy super low rise 400 dollar jeans, then yes, he will "work it".


Oleg by aleg lock.

Oleg seems to have improved a lot on his boxing but Pat has been active over the past couple years. This should be a great fight, Smith has powerful low kicks and Oleg was also weak at defending them.

All heart vs. no heart.

Not all that simple when you get blasted with a flying FRONT KICK TO THE CHEST!!!!!!

is it?

I wish I had a company, I would Sponsor Pat in a minute. 

Still one of my top 5 favorites of ALL time.

Oleg by Oleglock.

I'm torn on this one. I like both fighters but Oleg by whatever he wants.

Pat Smith was always hot and cold. Oleg had real skills. Oleg by ogle.

Pat Smith?

"Still one of my top 5 favorites of all time."


Sure.I am partial to Scott Ferrozzo,Sam Adkins,Paul Varleans,and Remco Pardoel myself...

Pip pip,and cheers mate


email me


Oleg is fright Pat is the way the thread should be. Oleg is much bigger name! If oleg goes for a takedown he will beat pat quick. Pat might be training the ground "just a little bit" but it won't be enough!

wasn't Pat Smith the one that completely obliterated Scott Morris in what is still the worst beating anyone ever recieved in such a short time

Pat has never been in Oleg's league and I'd guess that he still isn't.



fuck this fight id much rather see Pat SMith fight Kimbo right now..i think it would be very interesting...Smith would stand and ttrade but would kimbo??

I loved both these guys back in the day. Didn't Tank say Oleg was the opponent he had the most respect for?