Pat Smith Vs Tiger White at KOTC?

I just got done reading the news section on Abu-Dhabi, and it says that since Paul Buentello is out do to a hand injury,that Vernon might take his place.Is Vernon thinking of bulking up to Heavyweight?Anybody have any insights?

A fight worth watching, imo.

I doubt vernon will go back to the same company that screwed him.

I heard a similar rumor from a guy but striker18 has a very good insight into these things

I think they're cousins.. Are'nt they?

Thankyou for the insights!

No problem, I do what I can crowbar

Maybe since Pat Smith lost his opponent he can take Joe Pardo's place for Friday's WEC.

He's not fighting Pat. It'll be another 205er.

"He's not fighting Pat. It'll be another 205er"

who told you that? just curious

I thought this waller troll was banned for pretending to be buddies with vernon 'tiger' white?

Don't listen to anything this 'waller' troll says!

Striker18.. that was a different waller... real head case huh?

What difference does it make?

Its not going to be Pat Smith...
When we worked out yesterday he gave me the lowdown.
It should be announced soon. His opponent has fought in the UFC...


i think vern needs $$ - would he stand with pat??

Vernon will stand with anyone...


Pat will give his bestus fight.

Not Pat Smith...


"Jeremy Horn?"
No it is'nt

"What difference does it make?"
Dude, are you that tense?

Vern is fighting Zawi!!! But Zawi doesnt know it yet!

LOL it's a rematch with someone he fought a couple years ago!!