Paternity testing in Alabama

I need some advice. I'm an AL resident currently living in China. I will return to the US in a couple of months and may be facing a paternity test.

Story is this: Before I came to China I was seeing a girl whom has just recently split from her ex. One night we drink to much and dont use any protection. Happens. We split a week or so later after this night then 2 weeks later I leave. I get an e-mail from her telling me she is pregnat and it could be either mine or her ex's but she feels certain it's her ex's because of the dates. Dammit. There really isnt' anything I can do about this at the moment and she says shes keeping reguardless of what he or I want. Time goes by, almost a year, she has the child and it's brought up again, she says when I get back it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a test done since she has no idea which is the father. Incidentally the other guy is currently in Iraq. On top of this my father died earlier this year and left me quite a lot of money. I dont know weather or not she knows this but I'm not saying. I've heard so many horror stories from men about situations like this and I want to know what I could possibly to do avoid getting taken advantage of provided the child is mine. Any advice on the legal groud or from someone who has been through it would be great.


I know the answer without reading the question. They will be able to determine that you are father even if it is your sister who you knocked up.