Patient says she'll wrestle me

Says she'll wrestle me to the ground, take what she wants.

She's roughly 50 and looks like she could too...

Oh well I like the feel of leather against my skin...

you sick fuck

she looks like a spry ole codger...

I'll put in a good word for ya

I'll let ya know shortly...

hmmm...i wonder if she can take her teeth out

 50 pounds? What is she, 8? You sick pedo!

ok ok, let me run in and sneak a camera pic

seamus, 50 yrs old you bastid

 Old Woman

kinda has the Janet jackson face to her...

choke her out, then take the pic

I'm afraid if she sits in there any longer she's begin to decompose

something wrong with the pic

well shit, let me figure out the pic thing.

 Is this her on the left?

Tallbitch-1.jpg picture by TheDropper


^ at the same time!

I agree