Patrice Bergeron

He is the 18 year old rookie for the bruins and i get the chance to watch him play every game...

the kid is going to be awesome...he is leading all rookies in scoring this year i believe, and he put this move on at the end of the pitt game that was outstanding....on top of that he actually hits and pretty well...

this is going to be one of the players to watch time you watch a bruins game check him out

Last time i checked, Micheal Ryder of the Canadiens was the leading rookie scorer

Bergeron will be decent if he survives this season, he has a beating coming to him with the way he plays, he's a dirty little bastard, mark my words someone will set him straight soon

Jason King was leading but man he's been in a slump.Hope he starts popping a few more again, he's looked a lot better lately at any rate.Some damn fine rookies this year though which is cool to see

you are correct and i mistyped again, i meant that he was hte rookie goal leader

ive watched just about every game with him in it and i havent seen anything that dirty...the only thing close was the scrum he was in around the net against the leafs...knocked into the goalie and then a lil fight started.

Actually Trent Hunter is the rookie goal scoring leader with 15, Patrice is tied with King @ 11 goals.

Micheal Ryder is go0ing to be a great player, lots of heart

damn i cant get any of my stats right!


still, him and raycroft are the future for boston!

Ryder will finish top rookie, go habs go!!

bergeron with 2 more goals 18 he is by far the most advanced rookie for his age...

he looks better at 18 than thornton did...not that that is saying a whole lot