Patricio 'Pitbull' Freire - A Filthy Casual's Guide

Hey guys,

Made a new video about Patricio and his karate boxing. Gimme a shout if you got any good instrumentals or any karate boxers I didn’t mention - I’m planning on covering the idea more in future!



Nice work op.

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Been listening to the podcast for a while and now the underground of all places has steered me towards my first filthy casual. Top notch.


Thanks for sharing, OP. I like how he mentions he’ll breakdown the McKee fight in his upcoming cast as well. For context here’s what Weasle posted after the fight. Hoping Patricio bounces back and makes this interesting

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Thanks Jack! I’m glad to see you posting things here. It’s definitely a very welcome step up in quality.

This was great.

Jack how would you see Pitbull vs Volk playing out?

Nevermind lol

It really do be like that

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