Paul Daley vs. MVP

In London

Daley Tko

MVP bingo'd

Please be official. Semtex via KO.

Is this official?

Has this been announced?

No it's not official, rumour is Daley is holding out for more money 

MVP gets injured and pulls

Take that to the bank

Darkn3t - MVP gets injured and pulls

Take that to the bank

U may be on to somethin there

They won't put MVP against anyone good

Take my money

I think MVPs to fast now daley but back in the day daley left hook ko!!!!

Can't bet against Daley in a standup fight. Crazy power.

As long as Daley get's inside I can't see him loosing. Close the distance and catch MVP with a bomb. Will be an awesome fight and my body is ready.

Seems too early for MVP to be tackling a killer like Daley.

i am at ucmma. just asked mvp what happened. he said paul hasn't signed. then he said it on the mic

Paul would smash MVP
He needs to go against stronger competition Paul wants Rory

MVP will get injured and pull out

big daddy yum yums - That's a fight that interests me.... If MVP beats Daley an beats him like he does the rest of the bums he fights he's the real deal for sure..

He barely beat Fernando Gonzalez in one of the worst fights of all time

Wow....what a fight! I hope it happens, Daley for the win

You guys should do your research on MVP's striking credentials... he is very decorated.

Remember that after getting knocked down twice Diaz got up to box Daleys head off, and MVP's boxing is at least on par not to mention his overall striking game.

Tough fight to call but I think it's very dangerous for Daley

Always thought they were on the same team.