Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan

are the best guitarist and bassist to ever cross paths...

I saw Vai and Sheehan with DLR band in the mid 80`s.. Not really my thing (I got in free), but the solo`s they were ripping together were pretty amazing.

Pretty hard to beat that combination.

Sheepman has those cervo-motor driven speakers that sound like 747's.

Awesome musicians. I met both at a NAMM show,don't remember if it was at the same show.

Paul was at the Ibanez Guitars booth, he has a signature model. He was a very nice,soft spoken guy, no ego in evidence. No crowd to meet him so we talked gear for a while.

Billy was at the DiMarzio pickup booth. Swarmed with autograph seekers, Billy looked like a giant leather wrapped stickman. Picture a guy about 6'3"(in tall boots)with frizzy blond hair that looks like he weighs about 150, tops. Maybe that's too much, because this is one SKINNY dude.Freakishly skinny.And all his clothes were made of this laced on leather shit that looked like something a stripper would wear.

Honest to God, it was hilarious. He was actually pretty cool though. I had a guitar body I was having people sign, he wrote :YEE HAW! Billy Sheehan, and YEEHAWed as he wrote it. Lot of energy in that guy,looks like he beats the shit out of a bass.

Party heaven,party hell,silly Billy!

My wife has the Mr.Big live in Tokyo video (I think she was even at that show).The bass and guitar solo's are wicked.Sometimes,though,it's hard to make out what Billy is playing cuz of the volume factor.

I met Paul a couple times at seminars here in Connecticut, what a cool guy! Definitely one of my main influences. Just saw Sheehan with Vai on the G3 tour, he still rips it up! Great combo....Joe