Paul Harris banned from the UFC

Wtf!!! This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. They all talk about Bjj fighters being boring and then they axe the most aggressive one on their roster. Utter BS Phone Post 3.0

In Danas vid he just says he's cut. Still sucks though. Phone Post

Dude has done this in the past. Guy tapped, let him go, the ref was on both of them and he still cranked it, that's a dick move and can cause some serious damage. How is that BS?

It wasn't THAT bad. Watch it at full speed, slow-mo gives the wrong impression. Two things:

1. The ref broke them up wrong. He should have called the fight off by breaking Palhares grip.

2. Heel hook aren't like ankle locks, as in you get pain...more pain......then snap. You could say footlocks go in three stages generally. Heel hooks are 2 stages. You have the application...then snap, torn acl. So if a guy is tapping to a heel hook while in visible pain, chances are the damage is already done.

It's not his first time doing it, if it were he would have just been warned. Phone Post 3.0

back to eating horse feed I guess..

he has done this before but if i remember correctly, he also had a guy tap but the ref did not see it and the guy tried to say he didn't tap. am i remembering this correctly?

Seems harsh but he should have known better. Ref jumped on top, and it's not like he didn't know the fight was over... He let up on the pressure reluctantly, knowing he had won, then had a change of heart and tried to put it back on again for a moment. It's clear this was a conscious decision. Very different from punches being thrown after a stoppage when the guy is just hyped up trying to finish the fight. He did the same thing to Avellan at ADCC. Exciting fighter, but he's a bit of an animal. I would be terrified to face him in competition. Phone Post 3.0

It wasn't bad at all.


Completely ridiculous the amount of tears spilled over this.

This is what I am talking about. There is a CLEAR anti jiujitsu bias in the UFC. I said in another thread it is only a matter of time until they begin eliminating submission of the night. This was the first step to that end. Ufc has made it all but impossible for a good bjj guy specialist to make it. It is bullshit and I no longer support the ufc because of it. This move clearly indicates that the ufc will use any excuse to oust the occasional bjj guy who DOES slip through. Jacare, roger gracie are two other examples. Jacare has completely gotten away from bjj that is why he is successful in the ufc, roger tried but he is not as athletic and was not able to adjust in stand up and wrestling to a high enough skill level that he could compete successfully. His bjj is the equalizer and edge he had but with the clear bias against bjj he had to attempt other skill sets and that caused him to lose and thus be cut. Phone Post

That may be true. Though for my conspiracy theory to be correct I would say that if the ufc didn't give him a chance it would look really bad. Roger had a decent pro record going in. Ufc signed him and then cut him as soon as they could justify it. Even though many other champs adjust slowly or poorly to the big ufc show. He was not given that chance and I argue that it is in fact BECAUSE of his bjj. Phone Post

Inregards to Roger They cut boring wrestlers as well so not because of his BJJ but because hes has a boring style (like most grapplers).