Paul Harris sub of Fitch vid.

Blue please Phone Post 3.0

^^ thank you. Phone Post 3.0

Brutal. Phone Post 3.0

God did he hold on for too long AGAIN?! Phone Post 3.0

That was bad Phone Post 3.0

He needs to go. Phone Post 3.0

Chiropractor porn Phone Post 3.0

He held "on" for what? A whole second and a half? Quit belly aching. Phone Post 3.0

Things always look more dramatic when it's in slow motion.

Didn't any of you see the Chapelle's Show Slow Motion skit back in the day??

Yep, he held it too long. What a dick


he didn't hold it too long... the issue with Paul Harris is that his submission attempts are for submissions that don't have much of a transition/fighting off period, when he sinks in the heel hook the opponent doesn't have much chance before the knee gets destroyed...<br /><br /><br />noentheless any updates on fitchs knee?

The Dean of Cuisine - God did he hold on for too long AGAIN?! Phone Post 3.0
Exact same thing i came to ask after watching the video. Phone Post 3.0

Scariest dude fighting right now. That's not an exaggeration. Nobody wants to go home legless. Phone Post 3.0

held to long the guy is a savage

It was not that long. That video was slowed down significantly.

Here is a gif showing he let go the second the ref gets there

One second from the time the ref touches him to when he let's free. Phone Post 3.0

MGMgardenArena - 


Loooooooooooool.. Are you crazy the Ref had to jump in and open his hands literally of the heel hook.

That was less than 1 second after the ref got there. How quickly is he supposed to let go?

Damn what was that like 3 seconds... oh wait it was in super slow mo lol Phone Post 3.0