Paul Harris vs Lombard.... Yes!!

They just announced Paul Harris vs Lombard! who else else is excited to see these 2 crazy guys possibly kill each other in the cage? Phone Post

 will be a great fight

Ttt Phone Post

It's a dream come true! Phone Post

I've been yammering about this fight on here for over a year....glad to see it caught on...We've all been asking for this fight especially in recent months...and we got it.

Weird fight that is OBVIOUS and we made it happen UG....BRAVO !

I've got Lombrard by TKO BTW

I can see lomard hitting toquinho one good time and toquinho losing his composure like we have seen in the past but for some reason I got a feeling Lombard might need a wheelchair after this right. Toquinho is taking another leg home this night! Phone Post

Incredible fight. Lombard will absolutely destroy Paul Harris. Phone Post