Paul Kelly on Michael Bisping knockout (vid)

Kelly also describes how he was so incensed at being shoved by Rolando Delgado at the UFC 99 weigh-in before their bout in Cologne that he asked referee Steve Mazzagatti to keep in eye on him in the Octagon in case his rage overtook him.

Kelly says: "I knew that if I'd had him in a choke, I wouldn't have let go."

Really good stuff there.


Great interview.

Paul is a riot

big tellys kelly fan, hope he gets some bigger fights in the LW div.

 Yep, a good guy, very grounded.

Loving the thought of the American's not understanding a word of that!

 I like tellis kelly, bisping..not so much

I wish bad things happen to you and your family.


bismanfightclub - Is there a version with subtitles or dubbed version?

Or you could get a dose of culture and appreciate that the rest of the world doesn't speak with an American twang.

Good interview, thanks

What language is he speaking?

So what do all the people who started 39042 threads about "Dan Henderson should be banned for life" blah blah think now after Bisping's own teammate said the hit was fine, and he would have done it too....

Kimbos Beard - 
bismanfightclub - 
Kimbos Beard - ^Hope I didn't go too far there, sorta feel bad now...

 It was a bit low, but at least you didn't wish him to be French, now THAT would be REALLY low!

Eh...personally I don't see the difference.

French are dicks, British are pussies, neither are desirable (as personal traits anyways).

Sit the f**k down noob

How about if I just lay down like a british guy at the end of a fight?

Well I suppose it's better than laying down like French guy at the BEGINNING of a fight...