Paul Sharp Clinch workshop: ODMA

Attended a Clinch & Takedown workshop at Luis' school in Pembroke Pines given by Paul Sharp. Awesome. I picked up all kinds of cool stuff and had a blast.

If anyone has a chance to work with Paul, don't miss it.

Thanks again, Luis & Paul.

Paul is the man at dropping people on their heads and I would love to train with him.

Bean....dropping dudes on their bean.

That's proper Paul speak.

Sorry I missed that, I am right up the street. Sh!t!

I worked Chris Rock, and a l-o-n-g Latin Christian Rock concert. Dec. 7 is my wife's birthday, and my fellow kettlebell instructor Chris Rubio gave a Clubbell seminar in Orlando. Too little time, too many cool things to learn.

Luis, I need to touch base. I need to ask you some questions on DVD production, camera's, software, etc.

Hope you guys had fun,

Tom Furman

Thanks Fletch. Thanks to Luis as well for hosting the clinic. A room of athletes to work with makes anyone look good. Those guy's are in shape and skilled.

Definitely a lot of fun.

I for one am glad I finally got to see Paul break down his approach to the clinch while working with a group of guys conceptually as well as hands on.

I have known Paul for years and only ever worked with him one on one or at camps. For me to witness how well he can translate so much material in a 4 hour clinic and transform the games of those present so quickly was truly a pleasure. Everyone was psyched afterwards and all of us can't wait to train the clinch in such a fluid and technical manner.

We have had collegiate and national level wrestling coaches over the years and have trained and drilled wrestling for just as long but in just one four hour "lesson", the guys were finally flowing with all those years of material much like they do with their Jits.

They were given a working platform that interconnected their wrestling entries and tie ups into a fluid array of options as they arise as opposed to trying to piece meal random reactions or having to choose their one or two favorite or shots or chains as their only options. We felt we could actualy pull some of this stuff off now and not just by the speed or power or combination of it.

Anyone of us who has tied up with Paul will tell you how strong or powerful it feels but none of it is forced or attribute dependant as he clearly explains and has you do it. It's all working your options in time with an awareness built on those very same options as they present themselves.

Paul truly has a unique way of showing how truly technical the clinch game is by working all options into a living and quickly adaptable matrix of positional controls and entries. This is why he always seems a few steps ahead of whatever you are doing. He is reading your intentions as they are played out and transitioning to be there before you are. I really see his clinch game as a standing jits game.

We shot this clinic on the clinch for sport grappling and I will try to edit it as soon as I can. Regardless, his clinch with hits material being shot in March with the Singers is a must and tops on my list of things to get involved with.

Thanks again Paul!


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The SBGi is coming out with new information so fast I am getting dizzy...

Is Paul going to give us a framework for clinch on the SBgi members page anytime soon?

Or Paul could be nice to those not paying their SBGi subscription fees and just post in here. :-)

great seminar thanks alot Paul..



It will be a while before I get that material on DVD as I am trying to complete Matt's Florida Seminar 2004 (SBGi's BJJ Fundamentals & Training Approach) and the ISR Civilian Set for X-Mas releases.

I'll start working on Paul's DVD early next year and edit it along with the Jits with Hits & Clinch with Hits set we are both doing with the Singer Brothers in March 2004.

Those projects along with Matt's weapon's tape and his final set in of FJKD series, which will feature all the SBGi coaches, should give everyone a solid idea of what we have been getting to, doing and improving upon since the conception of the gym.

It will also free us up to complete the SBG book which though we don't place any deadlines on, has fallen second at times to the work listed above.


SBGi East Coast Regional Director