Paul Sharp making clinch tapes?

I remember hearing that Paul Sharp is going to make clinch instructionals. If so when will they be ready?

Just ordered Adam and Rorys clinch for street tapes. Will Pauls tapes be a lot different from these?



Paul shot a clinch for sport DVD at our gym that will be out later this year.

His clinch for MMA and self-defense will be part of a four coach project (Adam, Rory, Paul and myself) being shot in March. It will include the Jits with Hits and the clinch with hits material we have all been working on.


Thanks Luis, sounds great. I guess we´ll hear more about those other tapes later then.


I have shot a clinch tape and hopefully it will be edited by March camp.


hmmm...2004 the Year of the Clinch?

sounds good. How much crossover is there with the clinch with hits and clinch boxing tapes?






No overlap and better looking dudes. Plus we will speak English.LOL


Eventually they will be out there. Its really hard to lock something in because we are constantly evolving.

A guy trained with us a couple weeks ago that had previously trained with us approximately a year ago. The first thing he said after we started working was, "this is nothing like the stuff we worked before".

It is, but it isn't.

If you have seen Bill, Herman, Fredy, or Eric fight you'll know what I'm talking about.

Its the same only different. :)

Very much so...and not. Yup and sorta.

Oberhue said it best when he stated that the SBG is working on a greater "quality depth of understanding rather than a quantatative span of information".

It has been my experience that furthering your depth of under-standing or to truly "stand under" and have a dynamic foundation or working structure with your craft, you must work to discover what is essential and living in each of its components as they cycle together in relation to all things about it. This depth then actually awards you more span or ability to relate and integrate newer things and communicate that interplay in a more clear, concise, and complete manner.

Aliveness makes everyone involved with the SBGi permanent students of the game and assures each thing is approached for the first time every time and all the time. The principles are constant but their relationship and interplay create endless variables after every single hand shake and go at it.

I have come to see this process repeated at every SBGi Camp with all its coaches and in all aspects of the game they are passionate about. You can see this alive and well with the "new" material being put out on DVD. It's the natural evolution of the gym and its training philosophy and curriculum. Much like those DVDs, we too are all "newer" products or versions of our particular approaches within the process of aliveness. Likewise our working material and coaching approach always get more efficient through this trial by fire. Like Paul said, the same only different. As is.

This ties into anyone training with aliveness and the I-Method in general.

Through your practice or gradually being made present in each moment, a deeper awareness offers you a wider understanding. This is the equivalent of training or coaching smart and for optimal performance. You get way better results if you get out of your own way and just get immersed in your practice. Aliveness is truly more about your attention than your activity! It's really not about more techniques but the fundamentals and relationships their in.

Sophistication and grace are nothing but the raw and core principles given attention through time to garner freedom within and throughout them.

In other words, I think everyone drawn to alive training and the I-Method are all working actively for a better and ever renewing awareness or presence with the material we have already come to value as opposed to seeking and collecting some endless accumulation of new "stuff" for novelties sake. Or better stated, continuously getting beat by and only with the "basics" is what we have all come to learn from, value and enjoy the ride and results of. Such is humility found in this practice with aliveness, right?

So as to Paul's clinch game which I have seen "grow with the flow" over the past ten years, he is a better player and teacher of that range every single time I see him. Each time he works with me, I understand or am "standing under" a better grasp of that space and place he calls home. That's why all my guys had a blast training with him and why we all look forward to the March Camp in Portland. It's all new, in all ways and always! are not.

Make sense?


Excellent posts.

'Depth not width' does not mean that we are adding "new" delivery systems, or "styles". But as a greater understanding occurs naturaly in the delivery systems we already use, (due to Alive training), the teaching progressions, communication skills, and drills, become more refined and clearer.

I can see that clearly in how rapidly my students are progressing this last Year or so as compared to the past. Every generation seems to learn faster, and become more technical.

As an example, last Tuesday I ran the class through our phase one CM boxing drills, which takes about 20 minutes, and then had a few guys that had been there longer stay in the ring to box with each other, while the rest of the class moved on. As I watched the guys sparring I was VERY impressed. They where keeping their hands tight, had great defense, where throwing combinations and body shots, setting everything up, good footwork, slipping, etc.

WAY beyond what past students where able to do when I taught using more focus mitt drills.

It's ironic but as the emphasis changed at my Gym a Year or so ago from offense to defense first, with minimal offense (the CM progression), the offensive skills of the athletes really sky rocketed! And we rarely if ever touch a focus mitt anymore. It's pretty cool.

Thanks Rodney!

But as Luis said, this occurs with everything. I will post the info for our upcoming Camp on March 27th. And at that Camp I will be teaching a guard progression, and passing progression that really illustrates this idea as well.

It's all good.

-Matt Thornton

Thanks to all of you, great posts.

Matt, Camp sounds really interesting but I don´t think I´ll have enough money this year. I saw you´re coming to Ireland, that´s definitely a cheaper trip for me. Maybe I can make it there.