Paulo Filho calls out Hughes


that would not be a very good match up for UFC champion Hughes.

Paulo all the way in the ring, cage, practice room, street, strip club,
what have you.

Hypothetically, I'd love to see it.

In reality, wake me up and tell me who wins the split decision.

Filho is 200+ lbs

world class bjj blackbelt and placed third in the junior world championships in Judo

Hughes would be on his back in this one

I would call Filho in that fight. Better bjj, equal hands, and takedowns would be a slight advantage to Hughes.

"That's nice. Well, Hughes by ground & pound"

He slammed Ninja and held him down as long as he felt like it. This is the same Ninja that reversed Kevin Randleman

Filho by ownage of farmboy

intriguing match.
Zuffa-Make it Happen

if Fiho really wants that fight he should get a few wins at 170 first

"He slammed Ninja and held him down as long as he felt like it. This is the same Ninja that reversed Kevin Randleman"

I don't see how anyone who has seen these two guys fight would think that Hughes would be dominating the takedowns. The guy has been taken down by many guys at his own weight class that aren't as good at wrestling as Filho, and even smaller fighters coming up in weight have taken him down like Penn.

lol @ Filho watching the fight on youtube.

Sherk, Trigg, St. Pierre, Penn, Laverne Clark, Carlos Newton.

From a level of accomplishment, only Trigg is on the same level of skill in terms of takedowns that Filho is, but the difference is that Filho is 25 pounds heavier than anyone of them and a hell of alot stronger. His ground game is superior to Hughes as well.

Last time Hughes fought at 185, he got knocked out.

Hughes hasn't a chance.

"lol @ Filho watching the fight on youtube."

i was imagining Dana white all pissoff when I read that.

Filho owned Dana with this sentence. it was a way to tell him "fuck paying 40$ for your shietty card"

Filho smells the $$$$$ Royce got..

Filho has better takedowns overall. No one has ever really defended his takedowns. Also way better ground game.

Hughes has an advantage in striking.

Filho by decision

nobody beats filho no problem. That said Hughes is freaking scary so I wouldn't bet against him.
I dont' now how Filho would get to 170 though without wasting himself.

"lol @ Filho watching the fight on youtube."

best part about the artical. he better hope dana doesnt send the legal team after him.



I think Filho needs to focus on something first called the Bushido GP :)

LOL @ the Hughes nutthuggers. Yes he is great at 170. However we are not talking about 170. Filho fights at a higher weight. The last time Hughes went to 185. He got hiptossed then knocked the fuck out

people are on hughes nuts harder than ever after what he did to royce. does anyone remember how he did on the ground against penn or charuto?

royce is not on the same level as filho or any of those guys. in the first 5 ufcs, nobody even knew what a guardpass was.

even if hughes managed to take down filho consistently, which wouldn't happen... he wouldn't pass and would be in submission danger.