Paulo Filho...Chi sau from mount?

Anyone notice how proficient he was at sticky hands from mount, trapping and landing shots?

Has he trained JKD?

If so what lineage?

He must be CJKD

No1 biting?

CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP....err..I don't know...his tan-sao and bong sao looked pretty weak...but he has OBVIOUSLY done tons of work with the pak, double pak and lop sao cycles...BUURRPPP!

Haven't seen the latest Pride.

Wouldn't want to fight Filho.


John, it looked like UFC 1 but more controlled and brutal.

LEMon is such a troll:)

Filho is the man. That was the evolution of the " 101 " as mr sweeney likes to call it right there


i tan-sao from bottom side control all the time, especially bottom half gaurd

my bjj teacher taught it without know it was tan-sao

cool stuff this is what jkd/mma is about the enginering everything in increments