Paulo Filho to fight at 170?

If the rumors are true that Filho is signing with WEC then wouldn't he be fighting at 170 since there is no 185 division?

He gives 185 in the WEC instant credibility.

No 185 lb. division? According to their website they have one. Joe Riggs is in it.

ah well maybe they'll start it with him then.

He would have to cut off two limbs to fight at 170.

damnit mayhem i forogot about him. Wells there not many 185ers!

Why WEC? To adjust to elbows and such before he starts smashing UFC guys?

i like his pitbull tats btw

hes gonna make a mockery out of that division

hmmm they have 10 185ers in WEC. Dont know why I said something that dumb about Filho fighting at 170. Next time Ill research.

He said in a recent interview that he's currently walking at 209. Not going to make 170.