Paulson seminar pics

For those who are interested, I posted some pics on our website from
Friday's Erik Paulson workshop.


Erik Paulson



Hope you don't mind Mike.

Vito never saw the punch coming and Vito's a great boxer. Paulson must be excellent!

Great photos CBK! Erik's seminars are awesome.

Check out that awesome karate technique with the one arm cocked back palm up fist!

The key-aye must have distracted him.


Paulson seems like a cool dude.

great photos cbk ;)


Thanks Rima :)

Re: Erik's reverse punch picture... Erik was simply demonstrating the
practical application of the kata that he taught in the seminar.

Is it me, or does Mike Sweeny look like Erik Paulson's little brother?

his VERY little brother!

My Shidoshi Jeff Joslin told me that Vito was a great boxing instructor but I'm in awe of his iron chin. He seems unscathed by those full power kung-fu punches.

Nice pics btw:) The Paulson seminar was both insightful and fun.