Pauper vs the JKD forum

Sorry, I couldn't resist:)


Apparently so...

I'm with the JKD forum


JKD Forum by judges decision.

Yep, 'specially since we gots the 'delete' button!

Pauper via copy&paste-blast

Nothing sacred in JKD. For me to poop on.

Pauper by "boring everyone to death"

Rd 2 :18

Hi Mike! Paupers got nothing on my aerodynamics! ;o)

Dave Copeland

"Pauper by "boring everyone to death"
Rd 2 :18"

More like "no rounds, no time limits"

8 hours later...

"where is martialartsfan?"

He's got his own problem to take care of on the UG main forum. I don't believe he'll be coming here to tag-team... yet.

Puts up life-sized cardboard copy of me and sneaks back to the OG to take care of Lo-Pan

Pauper by Ctrl-Ving Tsun

i was thinking about pauper this weekend while I was flying my body wing