Pause and think

Pause and think

"The miracles I do in my Father´s name, speak for me" (John, 10:25)

The preoccupation of the ordinary individual relative to family traditions is commonplace, as well as in the earthly endeavors to which they usually lend themselves, exalting the conventional position that distinguishes their personality.

However, in true life, no one is known for similar processes. Each Spirit brings with him the vivid history of his own acts, and only by his own actions and achievements is he known for his merits or demerits.

With this disclosure we do not wish to affirm that the word is deprived of indisputable advantages; nonetheless, it is imperative to comprehend that the verb has tremendous potential, which we received by the infinite Mercy as a divine resource. It is indispensable to realize what we are achieveing with this gift from the Eternal Being.

In that respect, the affirmation of Jesus is dressed in imperishable beauty.

What would we think of a Saviour who would institute such regulations for humanity without sharing its difficulties and impediments?

Jesus Christ initiated His Divine Mission among farmers and laborers. He lived among irritable Doctors of Law and rebellious sinners. He walked among the sick and the afflicted. He ate stale bread with the humble fishermen and fulfilled His saintly task amidst two thieves.

What more can you ask for? If you long for an easy life and distinguished positions in the world, remind yourself of the Master, pause, and think.

Francisco C. Xavier?

-Tom Bombadil

Not exactly.

Emmanuel, spirit, thru the mediumship of Francisco Candido Xavier.

I did put the link on the first message, but I´ve been forgeting to put it on the sequence.

The messages are from the book Our Daily Bread.

Emmanuel was a catholic priest, and his writings taste a bit orthodox to me.

Nonetheless, very good reading.

mediumship? can you give me a run down on that?


Mediumship is an ability to be the medium between the material and the spiritual world.

It is related with genetics, it does not depend only on will to develope it.

There is paranormality, which would be the ability to perceive things of the spiritual world. Sixth sense, you may call it.

Mediumship is the ability to allow a spirit to telepathycaly use part or the whole body of the medium. When it is not allowed by the person (which is rare), you may call it possession.

At spiritists centers the mediums practice it to heal (imposing hands with the spirit´s energy), to write messages (usualy from new dead spirits to their desperate relatives they left behind or inspiring messages), to allow verbal communication of spirits that are lost in the afterlife and don´t know where they are going to, and even the obsessors, trying to explain to them that to persecute people is the wrong way to live (very few change, but hey, we have to try). That is, spiritist mediumship is aimed to charity.

The best source about mediumship is The Medium´s Book, by Allan Kardec.

You can find it for free download here:

Some resumed articles about mediumship: (click on spiritist articles)

Can you do this?


It is very rare.

In some very special circunstances I can listen to spirits - they are almost yelling in my ears when I finaly listen to them.

Sometimes they wake me up when I`m a late for a important appointment and I`m sleeping. They put a siren or a clock shouting in my ear - the one that is on the pillow, so I have no doubt. Tell me about waking up on a shock.

With the same rarity I can see them, but the visions are quite like remembering something, in the present. Difficult to explain.

I used to work as a medium to allow the disturbed spirits to communicate. The reunions were weekly, and there was a group to support me and that I would support in return (I miss them). It is kind of telepathy, I can feel the spirits emotions, I can know what they are thinking, and thru their emotions I act and talk. Usualy I refrain them from using cursing words or menacing other people present, otherwise I let them talk freely.

It is kind of a dual state of mind. I can think for myself but I can also know what they are thinking.

It is very funny when a very machist spirit feels surprised by the fact that he is talking thru a woman´s body. It is also surprising when I look at my hand with my eyes open and I see the spirit´s hand instead of mine, and the spirit uses to feel a shock too. I´m used to it, but he is not, and the shock helps him to finaly accept the fact that he is "dead" and have to move on.

I´ve written a few messages too. It is a very hard task, because I only get the idea of what the spirit wants to say, and I have to write it with my own words. But as I can´t forsee what he actualy wants to say, it is always a surprise on how the message developes thru my hand. Many times the end of the message is so unexpected, with wise lessons I didn´t know beforehand.

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Pretty cool. I hear voice chattering all the time, but I think it's just my brain going 90 miles an hour when I'm trying to sleep. :)