Pav says MFC done with lightweight division?

What are your thoughts? Is there truth to what Pav is saying?

Following the weigh-ins MFC President Mark Pavelich released a video via his Tout Page and stated,

“My hearts broken today. They missed weight again for the lightweight championship. So, that’s it, we’re going to have no more lightweight division. It’s finished.”

Check out the video here... Phone Post

Hopefully he was just pissed and blowing off steam. Can't see them killing the division completely. There are too many good fighters out there that can and do make weight.

I understand that he's gotten burned and had to change the title fight to non-title, etc. But he is a business man and will come to his senses and realize killing an entire division because some guys don't make weight doesn't make sense.

The part that sucks for guys like him is the real-time-ness (if that makes sense) of the internet. Once you say something on tout, or twitter or facebook.. it's out there and you can't take it back. A lot of people need to learn to vent to their friends/family etc. instead of posting it somewhere. Then when you're done venting is the time to address the public.

I kinda miss the Pav's meltdowns on here. :(

guardbr8kr - I kinda miss the Pav's meltdowns on here. :(

  LOL! He's awesome!