Pavano to the Yanks

It didn't take the Yankees long to counter Boston's signing of David Wells. It appears NY will go from having old, broken down starters (Brown, El Duque, Loaiza) to younger, more inexperienced hurlers. Although to be fair, both Pavano and Jared Wright have pitched in the playoffs before.

They're also going after Eric Milton I think.

Pavano's not as young as you might think, he's got 8 years or so in the Majors. Same thing with Wright, he started for Cleveland in the '97 Series. Both are experienced, I think.

Man, wtf man

wright, pavano, vazquez, mussina not a bad staff at all

and they still have k brown don't they?

yea they do, but he might be moved...

they could potentially have Vazquez, Wright, Pavano, Mussina & Milton as their starters

They also will bring back El Duque. Once again, they will have too many starters. Vasquez could very well be used in a trade.

What do you mean "once again"?? They couldn't find 4 reliable starters the second half of last year, let alone be overstocked. I know Torre went with a 6-man rotation for a while, but wasn't that mostly to rest Kevin Brown and Mussina, and figure out who could be the 4 and 5 starters down the stretch? They had six guys, but it was Moose and 5 shitbags........

This is going back from 1996-til last year basically, where Torre had at least six or seven reliable guys who could start.....

"They had six guys, but it was Moose and 5 shitbags........"

lol, beautiful

"What do you mean "once again"??"

Most teams enter spring training with 3-4 starters in place and hope to find another in camp. The Yanks go into February with 6-7 starters and look to whittle it down. I didn't say they were all top quality.

okay, fair enough..........