Pavel & Blauer seminar/mil-LEO


Just wanted to let soldiers or LE know about a couple of upcoming
combatives sessions.

Stay safe,




Just a quick update & reminder regarding 2 important courses in North
Carolina coming up in July.


SPEAR System Applications for the Gunfight.

Extreme close quarter weapon protection & retention, drawing while
controlling an aggressor, force-on-force drills, blending CQB & CQC,
marking cartridge drills, integration of HIGH GEAR and more.

3-days at Ft Bragg. Cost: $350 This is held on Post at Ft. Bragg.
Restricted to military only or by special invite.


SPEAR System Instructor Certification Program.

This course is a 5-day course being held outside Fayetteville in
Salemburg at the North Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

5-days, 40 hour. Cost: $625. This is for law enforcement or military.

If you've attended a prior SPEAR System course you may attend for
$500 (save $125). This course will serve as a refresher and applies as
credit towards a Level 2 Certification.


If you're interested or know anyone else who may want to attend please
forward this & let them know about the program.

You can email for registration details. Or call toll
free 1.877.773.2748

For more info on our courses, system or products, please visit our
monthly newsletter:



Pavel Tsatsouline & Tony Blauer are teaming up for a dynamic
conditioning seminar integrating Kettle Bell drills and SPEAR System
drills. The focus will be on core stability and strengthening exercises
as they apply to balance, muscle recruitment and stability. Both
trainers are well known within the tactical community and are
combining drills and research to provide the warrior athlete with
targeted training that'll take their extreme close quarter strength &
confidence to new levels.

Don't miss this unique opportunity.

Training will take place in San Diego August 7 & 8. Cost just $299 for
both days. LEO or military Only.

Email for registration details. Or call toll free

I just wanted to say that I recommend training with Tony if you can.

We utilize much of what he teaches about scenario based training at the higher end of our program.


Thanks Matt, appreciate the comments.

We should reconnect. We have a new chest guard that might be of
interst to certain evolutions youre doing. ANyhow, drop me an email
when you get a chance.

Stay safe,


Tony do you ever do any seminars for the military in the UK ?

For the last 6 years we've done an anuual session in the UK and we
usually get a couple of trainers from the military. We havent done a
session that is exclusively mil.


Cheers just never see any of your seminars advertised or promoted over here

Typically they are only promoted through the law enforcement
networks...theyre never public.

If youre in the miliatry and would like info sent, email my office your
unit contact info Ill have a package sent over

Stay safe,